19 February 2016

Glimmer Girls Series: A Dolphin Wish

Animals are escaping their enclosures and the Glimmer girls are on the case!

A Dolphin Wish is part of a series by Natalie Grant about three sisters who solve mysteries.  Twins Mia and Maddie and six-year-old LuLu are sweet girls who care for one another and the world around them.  Even in the midst of their vacation and fun, they're concerned for others and the animals' well-being.

What I love about this book is the fact that the family is intact and healthy, and the parents actively guide their girls to make moral choices in keeping with what God would want.  The book won't give you the sinner's prayer to say at the end or club you on the head with 63 preachy Bible verses or anything like that, but this is definitely a book written with a Christian worldview in mind.  It's a good, wholesome book that would positively influence your daughter.

And your daughter will enjoy it.  Rose grabbed my copy as soon as I got it out of the box!  She's already through the first chapter and has written her name in purple Sharpie marker on the inside cover.  I'd say it's a nice series for girls from about 7 to 12.

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  1. Sadly, my family doesn't have any girls in the appropriate age group for these books. I'm sure they'd be enjoyed.

    1. Little girls are so. easy. in some ways to raise. And this one likes to read. :)


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