25 February 2016

Officials Wave Wand and Declare That Nit Eggs Can't Possibly Hatch During an Eight-Hour School Day

Schools in Holden, Missouri, are now saying that you can come to school with nit eggs allll over your hair and it's cool with them.  That's "because the burden of unnecessary absenteeism to the students, families and communities far outweighs the risks associated with head lice."

Unnecessary absenteeism?  It's a shame the school will lose money if kids stay home, but it is NOT "absenteeism" when one refrains from getting others ill or lousy by staying home. Sheesh.

I'm sorry, but this is rather like inviting children over to your home when you know your kid is sick.  It's so stinkin' inconsiderate I don't know where to start.  The school district says they are going by new recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National School Association of Nurses.  If I used that reasoning and had all your kids over to my house when my kids had nit eggs in their hair?  I think you'd be pretty angry, especially if your kids caught lice as a result.

Not mentioned in the news story above is the fact that there is now some form of so-called "super-lice" that is resistant to treatment.  Know why?  I will bet you it's because of policies like this. 


  1. Let's give THEM all a dose of nits and let them find out for themselves just how fast they can hatch?
    I know nothing about nits, I've never had them, nor have my kids, so I have no idea how fast the they hatch. My grandkids had them each season for a few years, but they didn't miss any school. My daughter checked their heads daily as soon as they arrived home from school and treatment was begun immediately if nits or lice were found and the kids were clean by morning after several hours with the treatment and the fine tooth comb.

    1. I remember nits going around when I went to school in Aus. The kids with lice went home on the bus just like anyone else and were told to just stay home until the problem was solved.

      I don't get how, in this news story, they can freak out about the lice, even going so far as to make parents pick up their children, but then it's ok for kids to show up with a headful of nits??! There's just no balance there.


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