16 February 2016

Students Allowed Only Common-Core Aligned "Credible" Sources for Papers

"Research is not true research when your children are told the only places they can look for the truth."

Honestly, I learnt a lot about what a "credible" source would be by making mistakes in my middle school years - and maybe even a few in high school - on my papers.  Certainly I think it's a good idea for teachers to offer a resource or suggest looking on a particular website to get started.

I'm trying not to pop my tinfoil hat on with this one, but you have to admit this is a bit weird:

My son came home last week so frustrated that the teacher was only allowing him to do research for a paper from a "...
Posted by Missouri Moms Against Common Core on Monday, February 15, 2016


  1. "Research is not true research when your children are told the only places they can look for the truth."
    So true. How are children going to learn to think for themselves when they are told to only use a resource the teachers know about?
    I don't know what is happening in schools out here now, but when I was in primary school, we were told we could find information at any library and that was that. The rest was up to us.

    1. And the odd thing was, if you didn't really ALREADY know the answers you were looking for, you wouldn't know how to find what you needed in the card catalog.

      I honestly can't tell you how many times I would just hit the applicable "section" in the library, dig out 20 or so books and just comb through them.

      I actually found some of my best stuff that way.

  2. Children must be taught to think correctly and only believe what the state wants them to believe. You wouldn't want them to commit Thoughtcrime later in life would you?!

    1. Increasingly, I think this is why Jesus was born 2,000 years ago instead of now. There would be no way His way of living and thinking would escape the attention of authorities for those first 30 years of life. IMAGINE how 12-year-old Jesus would answer a psychosocial questionnaire.

      Ok, if you get around to becoming a film-maker as well as a chess-player and musician? It would be an interesting premise to explore.


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