10 March 2016

Almost Spring!

I had to have bloodwork done across town so I dragged Woodjie and Rose off to Zona Rosa.  We had a great time browsing through many of the shops, most especially the bookstore.  Lookit the extremely overpriced jacket I bought for Woodjie.  I love how it matches his blue eyes.  At this price, Rose will be wearing it for a good while after Woodjie can't squeeze into it any more. 

Though look how Rose is growing.  This is her silly pose.  She made a bunch of odd poses for the camera today including dinosaur and pouty face.  (Thankfully, not the "sexy" duck sort of pouty face.  I don't think she's ever seen that... here's hoping my kid never poses for one of those everrrr.)

This afternoon the kiddos helped me to make naan pizzas.  Yep.  We make bagel pizzas, French bread pizzas, and now these yummy naan pizzas.  We bought the bread at Sam's Club (I think 9/10 of our food comes from Sam's).  I have calculated with fatsecret that if I have nothing else but a cup of coffee all day, I can have two of these. 

The kids got to eat outside today and play croquet all afternoon.  Something weird happened though.  Some guy in a delivery truck stopped and took pictures of my kids for about five seconds.  Long enough that you're pretty sure it happened but not long enough to grab your own camera and take HIS pic.  I wonder if he were gathering "proof" that my kids were out of school.  News flash:  the school already knows they're out of school and they do not care.  I was a little creeped out though.


  1. I'd be very creeped out if I saw some stranger taking photos of my kids. His licence plate would be written down and I'd be calling the police.

  2. You'd THINK that would be my reaction, but I froze! :/


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