01 March 2016

Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary Trip

We've had a plumbing fiasco in our house (pictures later) and the kids have had to deal with a lot of "just go to your room for a bit" and "use only THIS toilet today" and "don't use THAT sink" and so on.  Long week.  Our troubles aren't completely over but the restoration crew has left "drying equipment" and they should haul it away in a few days.

These kids needed a trip away from the stress of it all and so did I.  Unfortunately, I called just after the time they made the decision not to have a homeschool program this month because no one signed up.  Drat.  You know how it goes when you have a bunch of stuff going on at home and  you don't want to make a commitment until you're sure you can keep it.  Oh well.

The naturalist at the sanctuary put on a real show for us anyway.  We got to watch him feed all the salamanders, the frogs, the lizards and the tarantula (well, she wasn't hungry today).

Rose is helping pump to make an "instant cloud" out of de-natured alcohol.  Collin was an excellent host and patiently answered all the kids' questions.

We made "Gak" out of Borax and glue.  Woodjie's has food dye, but Rose used pink glitter glue.

 And here's a video of feeding time.  I'm wanting to say that this is an American toad but I could be wrong on that one.

Then we walked about on the trails for a little bit, but it's still a bit cold and we'd been out for a while, so then we went home.  We've just become members, so you know we're going to be coming back soon.


  1. Sorry about your "leaks", but at least you had a neat field trip!

  2. That looks like a very interesting place to visit.
    Hope your plumbing woes are all over soon.

  3. Very cool. We don't have that much stuff to do here, and we've done most of it.


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