12 June 2016

Behaviour Charts in the Classroom

There are different sorts of sadistic styles of these charts about in schools.  In one design, the child must flip his own card over after he's misbehaved.  He loses out on prizes and the whole class knows he messed up.  Other charts clearly move a child's marker from green to yellow to red, the "bad" zone.  Everyone knows the pecking order in class.  I don't know why anyone allows them.  Especially for young children who are still learning to sit still and take turns, this is very harsh.

Travis Tagart says when he sees these on classroom walls as a consultant?  He rips them right down.  "The pushback when I wage war on public shaming--and that's what it is, no matter how 'nice' you word the chart--is that there's no other way to manage behavior," he writes. "But here's my ammo: if a teacher needs this at all, if they have this hanging on their wall, they're not managing behavior, they're threatening it by holding a child's reputation hostage."

Could you imagine an employer using a similar motivation chart?  

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