18 June 2016

Children Under 16 Cannot Be Left Alone. Ever.

Children under 16 can't adequately fight against an attacker, New Albany Police Chief Greg Jones stated.  "I think that’s the threshold where you see children getting a little bit more freedom." Parents need to closely watch their children before age 16 so they don't get kidnapped or worse.

Let me tell you something, and I'm not being flippant.  You will never be able to defend yourself against an attacker with a gun unless you have some special training.  And also?  Most adults are not able to defend themselves well against a sudden attacker.  They just aren't.  I'm 46 and have had my fourth major hernia surgery last week.  I could be taken down pretty easily right now if I were honest about it.

So maybe most of us shouldn't be allowed outside?


  1. I remember leaving mine home alone under age 16. There were four of them and we probably shouldn't have left them, but they were quite capable and knew not to touch the stove.
    Also in later years when I was back at work, they were often home alone, because they'd skip school without me knowing and stay home watching TV.

    1. Ah! The good old days. Today, computers track attendance and you could actually wind up in truancy court for "unexcused" absences.

      They think they own your kid, is what it comes down to. :/

  2. I thought we were more designed for longer, interpersonal, repeated attacks.

    No, the State doesn't own kids.

    There's a wonderful Homeschoolers Anonymous post about this!

    Why Home School Legal Defence Association finds the proverbial village threatening: "Who owns your children?"

    Children as Divine Legal Property: what happens when God "owns" kids by Stollar

    1. Usually the Homeschoolers Anonymous people are just about as crazy as the severely patriarchal folks. Interesting read, though - I wonder if some of the struggles we see now aren't due to a more multicultural America now that I have read these articles.

      Personally, I should imagine that as children get older, they ought have more say-so in their lives and that it's not all a 100-percent parent or community deal throughout childhood. Of course a baby's parents would have 100 percent control over what the child wears and so on but what is very good for a newborn's health and care is pretty *odd* if you apply it to a 16-y-o. :)

  3. I have always had very good relationships with my neighbours so if anything went wrong at home and my kids made enough noise there would be help at hand but when they were out and about I always worried but danger is part of living.

    1. There is always danger. But I love that you have great neighbours. :)

  4. Awww I'm so sorry to read you are still not over the hernia problems. {{{HUGS}}}


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