01 June 2016

McDonald's Hates Blind People!

A blind man has sued because McDonald's leaves its drive-thru open longer than the lobby.  I'd presume this policy serves to avoid drunks and other disruptive late-night patrons from intimidating others or messing up the lobby.  It also allows staff some time to clean the place while they're still on the clock before they close.  But hey!  Scott Magee feels all gypped about it because he can't drive and stuff.  I mean, McDonald's is violating the American with Disabilities Act.  So is the government, being all picky and requiring people to see and stuff before they get behind the wheel of a vehicle weighing several tons.

McDonald's sure has some nerve wanting their customers and their employees to have a relatively safe experience. When and if they are required to change their rules, they then will be sued by people who got smashed to gooey bits by Ford F150 trucks because drivers couldn't see the short guys standing in front of their bumpers.


  1. All the silly lawyers who agree to do all these silly sueings need a kick where they sit down. Where's the common sense?

  2. This is worse than the lady who sued McDonald's because she spilled their coffee on herself... People are crazy (hmmm...did I say that in my last comment?)


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