03 July 2016

Remove "Traditional Muslim" Garb, UAE Warns

The United Arab Emirates recently cautioned citizens not to wear "traditional Muslim" clothing when travelling abroad because it opens the wearers to misunderstandings or attack.  Just last week, a fellow speaking Arabic in an Ohio hotel lobby was arrested after a worried clerk called 911.  Responding cops tackled him on information that he was actively pledging allegiance to ISIS.

Welp, here's the article if you're interested.  I can see where the hotel clerk would be a bit concerned or even ask for an officer to bring in an Arabic translator to make sure everything is ok if the fellow seemed agitated.  And yeah, I do agree that the full-face veil is a bit threatening in Western society for various reasons (most of which have little to do with Islam per se).  I don't care what religion you are, you can't pull that crap in a bank.  You just can't.

Mixed feelings.  Obviously I can't go to their country and wear a bikini, either, so maybe the courtesy works both ways.  Hate that people would feel threatened, though, while they're off minding their own business.


  1. Mixed feelings; yes. When in Rome...and all that. In their country we have to play by their rules and in out countries they should be prepared to play by ours.
    The Burqa clothing is part of their religion and I can respect that, but going into a bank anywhere and having a masked face is a situation where they should relax their rules a bit. Expose the face just while in the bank then put the mask back on as you leave.
    Isn't it only women who have to wear the full face veil? I haven't yet read the article you've highlighted, I'll do that now.

    1. Yes. This was a man in the traditional garb so he'd have a covering on his head but it would not cover his face. Just like the pic at the link. :)

  2. There is a lot of fear in our world about what people think you are or what you about to do, there are some very evil people out there but they are few in number but they do a lot of damage and it's hard to relax and live in our world but it is what we must do never let them control us by fear.

    1. So true! If all 1.7 billion Muslims really wanted to kill us, we'd be dead by now. But we still must be vigilant against super-violent fundamentalists of all sorts (religious/ political/ whatever).


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