28 September 2016

Beefy Blonde Ancient Egyptians

We're learning about ancient Egyptians in our history class.  On several occasions, I've shown the children what ancient Egyptians looked like (or at least, how they pictured themselves).  I've mentioned that it's in Africa.  I've had them locate it on the map.  I also have mentioned it's rather sunny.

And yet this is what Rose and Woodjie imagined ancient Egyptians looked like.   (Actually, Woodjie's picture is even LIGHTER hair- and skin- wise.)  Some of the older children defended this interpretation during our dinner discussion.  They told me I oughtn't "correct" this because there are plenty of very light Africans from Morocco and you can't tell anything about anybody by where they're from.

I wound up feeling I shouldn't be quite so racially prejudiced against Egyptians, being so bold as to assume they all sort of looked alike colouring-wise.  I wasn't there in 2000 BC, so I can't say for sure that (aside from the Pharoah and some of his friends) Egyptians didn't all look exactly like this beefy blonde guy.  Patrick says he appears to have come from an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon.  Remember those?  The big burly guy is talking, but his jaw somehow never moves.


  1. Just like Charlton Heston!
    So let it be written; so let it be done!

    1. So true! The old movies are hilarious! I watched one about a missionary who moved to China and all the ethnically Chinese people speak with terrible choppy words and all the main "Chinese" characters are actually white. lol

  2. All I can say is they have changed a lot over the years.

  3. Hey Christine--this is my new blog. Trying to be "anonymous" to maintain rules regarding the fosters. But I was dying without a blog. I'll FB you and tell you who I am--in case I am so anonymous you can't tell. Hee!

  4. I guess I wouldn't correct them because they are at an age where they just imaging other people look like them.... but, ummm... they were likely darker... and not blonde.


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