18 September 2016

Guns! Explosions! Politics!

Here's an ad from Eric Greitens, who won the Republican primaries in my state.  I didn't vote for him because I didn't feel he was conservative enough.  Cool ad, though...

Guns are a really big deal here.  Yep.

Recently, the Democratic candidate for Senate brought out his weapon and assembled it blindfolded in a campaign ad.   He challenged his Republican opponent, Senator Roy Blunt, to do the same.

First off, Blunt is 9,000 years old (almost exactly) so it's not a fair fight.  Second?  Who does the NRA endorse?  Blunt.  Just because some guy can put his gun together on a TV ad doesn't mean he thinks you should be able to have one.

I hope people don't confuse "I have a gun" for "I am a conservative."  It's really cool to watch people assemble guns, shoot stuff and cause explosions but I have a few other issues I'd like my political leaders to address, how about you?


  1. Missouri political ads have been a blast lately! Thanks for sharing another good one.

  2. Everything about guns makes me uncomfortable at this juncture... but... ok...

    1. My concern would be more making the gun "cool." Which it is not, no matter how entertaining the ads are. They're deadly weapons/ tools.

      I'm thinking the jobless want jobs way more than watching the next governor go target-shooting or whatever.

  3. I can't believe your people in power show off assembling guns! NO ONE would ever do that here!


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