22 November 2016

"Pink" Drug So Deadly, Touching Can Kill You

At least 46 people have died and perhaps the number is far higher.  Fox4kc reports that the drug is hard to detect in an autopsy and just touching it can kill you.

What is this?  Why have we not heard more about it in school flyers?  Wouldn't something this deadly lead to weirdos spreading this on store shelves or something for kicks?  Do we need to wash all our food when it comes into the house?

I hate stories like this that don't tell me exactly how much I should freak out.


  1. I did a quick Google to see whether this was fentanyl, the veterinary grade synthetic that's been causing so many deaths, but it looks like a different thing.


    This story seems to provide some good background. Hope it helps.

  2. More information would certainly be helpful, at least what and where to look out for it.
    I see from the comment above it's a stronger version of heroin. I don't see how just touching it can kill. Dealers and suppliers would be dropping dead all over the place.

    1. It's weird that there are stories like this out there on at least somewhat reputable news sources that leave so many questions unanswered!

  3. i will have to look for it on google though


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