25 December 2016

Christmas Cooking With My Star Wars Wafflemaker!

The Death Star is very, very tasty and if you let the batter sit for the full time recommended, very crispy as well.  It's almost impossible to overcook really.

Yep, I just followed the directions on my Jiffy box for waffles and made waffles in my new Star Wars wafflemaker.  I bought mine from ThinkGeek when it was on sale for $25.  Now the price has gone up and it's even more expensive on Amazon!  Crazy.  Well, I'd recommend this product to ya but do please wait for a sale.  They had a great sale just before Christmas.  That's the thing about stuff like this - you don't know when you order during a sale whether you'll like something or not, so it's hard to recommend to friends.

Now ya know.  Buy this thing when it goes on sale again. 


  1. The waffles look very nice, but I won't be telling my daughter about the waffle maker. There's no way she needs another kitchen appliance! Although she may very well find it for herself one day, she's at Think Geek a lot.

    1. She sounds like she already has a full-size waffle maker. This one only makes one at a time. It's pretty nifty though and doesn't take up that much space. :)

  2. Looks delicious! Finding a good waffle maker these days can be hard--they're almost as hard to come across as a good toaster!


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