10 December 2016

Going to a Chess Tournament

Last weekend, we went to a chess tournament in Kansas City.  Even though it was a one-day tournament, I booked a hotel and had the little children stay there all day.  We walked from the hotel to a nearby chicken take-out and brought our food back to the hotel where we played Pokemon Monopoly for hours. 

It was nice to get away and more than that, I was very impressed by how much Woodjie especially has grown.  I am no longer afraid of Woodjie running away or anything like that, which used to happen on a regular basis.  He still needs quite a bit of direction and we had a personal care attendant at the tournament with us, but he's just made me so very proud, being able to be away from home all day and dealing with all sorts of unexpected things happening.  And eating new foods, even! Very proud. 

And that's not to say I'm not proud of Rose but somehow?  She was born knowing how to do things like 'stay with Mom' or not run away.  We didn't even have to go through crazy methods like PECS systems to teach her how to speak.  She just sort of did this thing where she listened to other people speak?  And then she spoke without special classes and reward systems. 

Every child is so different, isn't that right?

Anyway, we had a great time!  And it wasn't nearly so cold as it is this week.  I think we had a high of 36 degrees or something - and that's way warmer than it was even a couple of days ago.  Yep, the guys outside working on my siding all day must be really cold.


  1. 36 degrees? That's about 3C and most of us here in Australia are rugged up like Eskimos at that temperature, so hearing you say it is 'warmer' makes me laugh.
    I'm amazed at the progress Woodjie is making, oyu have reason to be proud. And proud of Rose too, a remarkable young lady.

    1. Yeahhh... don't move here. If the culture shock doesn't kill you, the cold will. I remember weather in Australia was pretty well perfect, except in winter some crazy people got gloves out and I didn't understand why. Yeah, I lived in Connecticut before living in Aus. so the coldest days were still pretty balmy. In fact, I moved during the summer into your "winter" (note quotation marks) and didn't notice the difference. :)


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