03 March 2017

Snuffle Days on the Couch.

About a month ago, D got pretty sick.  Took almost a week off work.  He still isn't completely better!  Then Elf came down with it and had to go to the doctor to get the entire asthma regimen.  Poor guy was hopped up on albuterol and three other things and some antibiotics.

Now he's pretty well.  And Rose came down with stuff last week... off to the doctor, shots and antibiotics.

It's Woodjie who is most ill now.  This whole week has been mostly "sit on the couch and read a book" and not much academic has gotten done at all.  I don't know how we would have handled this were the children in school.  Woodjie doesn't have a fever but he's hacking something fierce and he's been sick for almost two weeks.  At first it started with the sniffles so I thought nothing of it for a while until it kept getting worse.  Doc gave him antibiotics also.

Patrick is snuffling, headache-y and feeling poorly.  And this morning I woke up with a little sniffle.  Oh no!  I hope this is not going to be a two-week long festival for me, culminating in yet another physician appointment.  I think those people are tired of seeing us.

I can't blame the weather either, as it is quite nice.  I do wish, though, if we had to get sick, that we all could have come down with the same thing all at once.  OR, we could all come down with things one after another, but please next time, does each person have to be all germ-y for three weeks at a time?  Just asking.


  1. Almost everything starts with sniffles and cold-like symptoms, so it's wise to not ignore it when someone else in the house has already been ill.

    1. Thanks, River! I guzzled some NyQuil last night. That's the only time I'll take alcohol... but wow, I needed the rest.

  2. I can sympathise! Our kids all got chicken pox... but not all together! One. after. the. other. WE had chicken pox for 9 weeks! I hope everyone is all recovered in your home now.


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