15 May 2017

Knockout Roses!

I'm not sure why there are different coloured flowers on the same plant, but there you go.

This is what my knockout roses looked like after a hearty trimming.  It was getting to the point where the mailman was going to get skewered by thorns, and we just can't have that.

I popped a few of the extra flowers I wacked away into this vase.  I should arrange them better but I'm rather afraid to handle the stems.  Last time I was outside working, a thorn got lodged sidewise in my thumb and D had to yank it out for me.  It was just painful enough and at just such an angle I couldn't get it myself.


  1. You need a pair of leather gardening gloves for roses, I have a pair that go up to my elbows, I bought them when Ange was tiny and playing with him resulting in scratches right up the arms.
    Many roses have such a colour variation, the buds start out deep pink, and the blooms pale and fade as they age.

    1. Leather gardening gloves? Mine are plastic-y sorts. And I hadn't worn them honestly. I think I should start.


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