23 July 2017

Roller Skating Outfits

Thought I'd share photos of Rose and Woodjie in their "roller dance" practice outfits. It's really a sport and you do it with quad skates. They will be a dancing pair in an invitational event this October. The "stuff" you buy is really pretty much identical to the stuff you get for ice skating in terms of little skirt outfits, etc. Woodjie is basically wearing a jogging shirt/ compression pants outfit I bought him for practice.


  1. They look very nice. I love blue. Rose's hair is so long now!
    I hope they do well with the dancing. What are quad skates?

    1. "Quad skates" is just a way of saying the old skates you and I remember from back in the day, with two wheels in front and two in the back and a stopper at the toes. They lace up. The newer "inline" skates and all that is not what we use.

  2. They both look very cute in their outfits.

  3. What a shame! Must be so frustrating seeing all your fruit ruined. Re your comment about comment moderation going back on.


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