01 August 2017

Woodjie Writes a Story

SO proud of Woodjie. He wanted to write a story about Julius Caesar and he has been working for hours on this. He even did a little fact-finding with me about the character before writing. All you autism friends especially know what a huge thing this is.  Can you tell he is writing in an old Christmas memories sort of journal?  It is one of those huge things with a hard cover and I think I got it at the thrift store for a quarter.  Fun place to doodle and pop thoughts down on paper.


  1. Well done young man! His handwriting is better than Griffin's (who's 15). Though I shouldn't say that, Griffin has dysgraphia.

  2. An excellent story Woodjie :) I laughed really hard at "then he became a smarty-pants."

  3. Good job, Woodjie! Sounds like a great research project.

  4. Quad skates are the old four-wheel (two in front and two in back) skates with the stopper in the front that were popular in the 1970's. As opposed to "in-line skates" which have the wheels lined up more like an ice skate.

  5. Really great Christine. He has really come a long way if he is writing a narrative


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