04 November 2017

How to Make a Scrunchie

DIRECTIONS for making scrunchies:  They're just strips of cloth, folded lengthwise "pretty" or right side in, sewn on one end, flipped rightside out.  Then elastic is threaded through and the ends of the scrunchie are sewn together. 
Rose has just sewn her scrunchie together and is using a pencil to flip the fabric "right" side out.
This is what the scrunchie looks like right side out before elastic is added and the scrunchie sewn shut.
Woodjie proudly displaying the scrunchie he made for a friend's birthday.  We had a lot of fun on this project.


  1. I always wanted a tie-dye scrunchie, Rose and Woodjie!

  2. I used to own a basket full of scrunchies, but never made my own. I only ever wore my favourite two, so eventually gave a way the rest.
    Well done Rose and Woodjie :)

  3. Yeah, scrunchies are a thing from ages ago, aren't they? But pretty easy for a new sewing student to whip up.


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