23 December 2017

Finding Gobi

Finding Gobi: The True Story of One Little Dog's Big Journey by Dion Leonard arrived just as we were searching for a homeschool reading book for Woodjie.  Boys love adventure stories and they love dogs, so it was perfect! 

Woodjie is 11 and this book was about at his reading level.  He would be a fifth grader if he went to school.  What he liked about the book was the idea of this little doggie befriending the author on his run, just tagging along.  Later, the author goes to great lengths to find Gobi and bring him home. 

The only criticism I'd have - and it's a small one - is that sometimes younger readers don't understand some of the concepts presented in the book as givens.  For example, a child mightn't understand the "dangers" of speaking to the press in a foreign country.  It would be nice if some of these concepts were spelled out a bit better but it wasn't a biggie.  I was right there listening to him read the whole book aloud during my recent surgery recovery... so I could explain everything I felt he needed to know as we went along.  A charming book!  With photos!

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  1. So many good books are on or about the fifth-grade level.

    Has Woodjie enjoyed any other animal books?

    This Gobi is incredible.

    The British press in particular can be brutal - yes, even the quality papers. And the German press too.

    I wonder if Woodjie has also read journalistic books? Because there is a wonderful one in my shelf.

    Jack Stoneley - The Tuesday Dog. Stoneley wrote for THE DAILY MIRROR.

    Hope the surgery recovery is going well Mrs C!

  2. sounds like interesting book ,reminding me my school days when i used to borrow books from school library specially related to to animals and pets

    1. Which books do you remember, Baili?

      Yes, we do make a distinction between animals and pets. We remember our pets are also animals and animals can be petted.

      Animal books in my life came before school, like Darby the donkey and Dinah the dog with a difference.

  3. Hi baili and Adelaide! I am going to have to find more animal books for Woodjie as he has enjoyed this one so much. :)


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