03 January 2018

Yes, It's Pretty Cold Here.

I tried lighting a fire here and found out that 1. my four-year-old lighter doesn't work well; and 2. being unable to lift over ten pounds means I can't add logs to the fire once I get everything lit.  I'm brilliant I guess... but I just didn't think about it when I began.  That's okay.  The whole fire smoked and didn't catch anyway.  I set off every alarm in the house and the carbon monoxide detector started yelling at me to evacuate. 

Random photo of my coffee mug.
I opened every door and window in the -7 degree weather for a little bit instead.  Now I'm just using the heater and shivering like a normal person but my house smells of old ashtrays and failed dreams.  :)

This year I bought a huuuge can of cocoa mix from Sam's Club and it's a good thing, too.  About half of my children really love a good cup of hot cocoa.  I'm not sure why everyone doesn't, but considering I have a child who hates caramel and potatoes, sometimes there is just no reason for these things.


  1. Hahaha! Didja have the chimney flue open... or was it just wet wood?

    1. Not really sure why it didn't work but perhaps the duralogs don't work well in woodburning stoves?

  2. I can understand caramel, but who hates potatoes?
    Love your mug.

    1. I know, right? And we have Irish heritage, so go figure.

  3. Oh dear shivering like normal man is not okay if the cold is unbearable still thank God that heater is working fine for You!

    I LOVED your GORGEOUS BLACK MUG!!! Very glamourous:)

    I am terrible potato fan and i was named for this by sibling lol.
    Hot coca sounds great in winter


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