09 March 2018

Review: The Prayer Bible

"The Lord spoke his word to me.  He said:  'Human being, speak to the elders of Israel.'" - Ezekiel 20:3, International Children's Bible translation.

The Prayer Bible from Tommy Nelson is a nicely-designed book with a positively gorgeous royal blue and gold cover.  It comes with a little prayer journal and it contains cute prayers and notes for the younger set.  It's easy to understand and to read.  There are words bolded throughout with definitions for words like synagogue or the various Jewish feasts and so on that children mightn't know.

But there are some major problems with this book insofaras it's being presented as the Bible.  Mind you, I haven't read this entire version of the Bible, but I did spend a fair bit of time reading through various passages.  It's pretty problematic in its wording and nowhere near so strong as the King James Version in denouncing various sexual practices and so on.  If one isn't reading carefully and/ or knows what the Bible says to begin with, many things will be missed. 

This is an introduction to the Bible I would avoid.  It may be an excellent companion resource for a person who is strong in the faith but has reading or vocabulary difficulties.  But that's about it.

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  1. Probably it should have been called the Prayer Book?
    You've compared it to the King James Bible which I think is wrong, since the KJ is a true Bible not just a prayer book as this one appears to be. Unless it is more than just prayers and perhaps just more in line with how many not-so-religious people think.

    1. Hi, River! Yeah, this is meant to be a bible but more a "kids' bible where the notes emphasise prayer" if that makes sense. You know how they have "study bibles" and that sort of thing? Except this one has notes and so on about prayer. It comes with a really cute journal to write prayers in also. :)

  2. i agree the main religious book should not be renamed with any other book as it can complicated and controversial for common readers .
    i adore the way you reviewed this tough topic my friend!


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