03 April 2018

Sewing Dance Costumes!

I had the outfit itself done in this photo, but I was playing around a bit with the accessories to see what would look best.  I decided to go with just one pink stripe as you see below.

I made everything you see in this photo except the pants and Rose's stockings.  I actually have made a pair of matching blue pants, but they're longer than these and Woodjie should wear the shorter ones out first, yes?

Plushy stretch velour flowers

Rose embellishes her summer shorts.  She doesn't want to spend more than a few minutes sewing at this age.


  1. That's a beautiful blue and perfect with just that touch of pink. My grand daughter started sewing at about the same age.

    1. Thanks! I hope Rose continues to sew but presently she is only interested in a few occasional minutes.

  2. You did a great job, I love the colors.

  3. wow !
    you are so skilled in swing my friend Christine!

    your beautiful little girl looks amazing in this outfit!

    haha in her age i was same ,swing was something miserable for me and mom wanted me to learn it better

    1. Yeah, I won't force her. I just wish she wanted to learn it a little. Thanks for your kind words!


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