20 July 2007

We're Going to Miss It.

The boys were involved with Upward soccer last year at the church. They were BOTH on a kindergarten team despite the fact that the Emperor was going INTO preschool and the Elf INTO first grade!! Elf is about a month before the Missouri cutoff to go into the next grade lower and Emperor is ten days too late to have been in first grade this year. It wasn't a problem last year, but this year after letting the kids get their uniforms and go to their first practice, I get a phone call stating they don't want the Emperor on the first grade team b/c he is too young! Yeah, by *10 days,* unless I travel 20 miles west in which case the state cutoff would be different anyway. No matter. No grace for the fact that I am halfway on bedrest and it would be a real hardship to do a bunch of different games each week, plus practice. I feel like it's just an excuse. They don't want the Emperor on the team b/c he has a hard time following directions and requires extra energy. They don't really want to have any grace toward him or spend a little extra effort on a kid who would truly appreciate it. Whatever. I'm pretty miffed at the church. When I have sent requests in for help and prayers these last few months to our small group, they've been ignored. They really have, because I was very clear about what the needs are. I don't believe this is a capitalist scheme whereby JUST because I spent X years teaching kids I should get Z back from the church. But a little grace, offers of help or concern would have been nice. I'm pretty mad and I think I'm going to go somewhere else. I am not sure that things will be better anywhere else though. We just took our old uniforms and cleats outside and played soccer and bubbles! Might as well LOL!


  1. It's so upsetting when someone gets burned by a church. As a Christian, I apologize for their lack of concern and love. I've found that churches can be extremely concerned in certain seasons and for certain people and then totally ignore the opportunities to serve in others. I sure hope you'll at least address it with the church...most people just take offense and leave. And I SURE hope they can take the accountability!

  2. Hmm... I was just planning on taking offense and leaving LOL! I need to think about what you said.

    Mrs. C.


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