30 November 2007

What Do You Think?

When giving directions to your house, you'd only have to say that it was the bright yellow one with two different shutters. Here when *we* give directions, we have to tell people we live on "X street," but not the "X street" in this part of town or the "X street" over on the other part of town. You know, the "X street" near this and that landmark. Um... tell you what... just drive with your cell phone on and call me when you get into the city. Then I'll tell you street by street where to go. Good luck.


  1. Hee, hee... this story is so funny. My grandma had a flourescent green house. LOL! Your house is pretty though. :)

  2. Oh, no! This hideous place is NOT mine. LOL! D took a photo of this a while ago on a walk with G. My house used to be a barnyard red but now it's been painted a boring brown colour... it looks a lot better though. I think it's called "Porticello" or some weird name and D says we have a "Porta-potty" house now.

    I have to live with all these people on a daily basis. Do you not feel sorry for me??

    Mrs. C


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