01 December 2007

Good Grief.


Rick Warren invites HILLARY CLINTON to give a speech at his church. He is actively campaigning against Christian interests by inviting her. Now there is much talk about conservatives not being a "monolith."

Um, hello? Morality issues like killing small children *ought* to be "monolith" issues. Issues like how much funding for AIDS should be spent where are not necessarily. Yes, Jesus says to help the poor. Yes, we need compassion. But... I just can't find *anywhere* in my Bible that says the government has to do it and they have the obligation to take my money to do it *their way* by passing out condoms, etc.

I suppose Clinton should get some points for even showing up. But I'm nervous about how some Evangelical leaders are turning their backs on some very core issues. There are a few who still stand up for what is right, however. I've heard of one church service in which the parishoners were asked to really pray about who they should vote for during the last election.

Is it going to be MISTER John Kerry or BROTHER George Bush? You decide. LOL!


  1. I had not seem that and am appalled by it. Yet , the way Christians compromise today it should not be a surprise. Thank you for bringing it to our attention

  2. Not gonna lie here, Mrs. C, I never got much out of A Purpose Driven Life, I was too distracted by Rick Warren's salesman-like personality. So it doesn't shock me, but it bothers me. Quite a bit. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. (You think he'll invite Babs? hehe)


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