04 December 2007

The Kids Are NOT Alright... They're GUILTY.


Mychal Bell pleads guilty to some charges under an agreement. He WOULD have been in juvenile prison until age 21 were it not for the entire world coming to his defense. Sigh. Does anyone remember all the stories about how he was this nice A-student, etc. and later we find out about all these other convictions he had as a juvenile?? Yeah. When I was a journalism student, the FIRST THING we were taught was, "When in doubt, LEAVE IT OUT!!"

I guess everyone wanted to be the first to report on these injustices and they didn't let little things like checking the facts of the story with more than one (reliable, please) source hinder them.

I understand the protesters' argument about wanting sentences to be the same no matter what the colour of the (alleged) perpetrator may be. (Hey, incidentally, check out Stacey's blog on the left there... and see what you think about THAT...) But this whole "Free the Jena 6" was outrageous.

I would say that I hope this whole situation would just croak and die, but I hear Tawana Brawley is back in the news, too... Stories like this must be immortal or something.

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