24 December 2007

Please Don't Be A Stupid Racist.


Now, you all know I dislike Obama. I really *don't* want him to become President. But it exasperates me to read stories of black folks not voting for him in the primaries because he's black! Way to perpetuate that stereotype that a black man will never be a US President.

But here's another stupid reason not to vote for Obama. He might get assassinated!

Hellooooo.... I think this fellow has some stupid, dumb, idiotic ideas. But I'm figuring he's man enough to know that there are dangers that come with this job and he's taken that into consideration with his family before throwing his hat into the ring. How insulting that others would deny him the chance at the presidency... not because they don't like his ideas, but because they want to protect him. Or because the best thing for black folks is (allegedly) to have a Democratic president, and Obama doesn't have a chance because he's black.

I would say that this is just moronic liberalism at work, but I've heard not-so-smart conservatives on other blogs talking about voting for Giuliani so that the GOP can beat the Democrats in the next election.

Whatever happened to voting for the best person for the job??!

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