21 December 2007

Seven Fired in Hospital Hoax


Seven staffers are fired after investigations show that at least six of them had "ample reason" to doubt a call stating that certain patients needed shock punishment. The article states that the patients were not being disruptive or misbehaving at the time... but shocks were administrated anyway!

Contrary to a previous news story stating that NO harm had been done, it's revealed that one child was treated for burns. Maybe the next story will contain mention of second degree burns... the next third degree... and eventually we'll find out that permanent, irreparable harm has been done to a child or young adult. Just my speculation, but the way these stories work out that's what we'll hear in, oh, eight months when everyone has forgotten about it.

Nice of them to fire the staffers. Not nice that these poor patients are, apparently, still stuck in the same hospital after this attack. And what kind of place initiates discipline by phone?? I hope the parents are able to collect their children or transfer them to another hospital.

Merry Christmas, and I hope criminal charges are pending.

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