16 December 2007

Take THAT, Verizon!!

I am so sick and tired of stupid ol' Verizon giving us telemarketing calls. Ugh. For the last three days, we've had at least ONE call each day. Yesterday the fellow really peed me off. I told the guy the day before that the number was on the Do Not Call list, please remove it from your list, etc. So when I went over that fact yesterday the guy kept talking in a heavy Indian accent! Like I said nothing!! I mean, thank you for at least learning my language before calling me... now you can go back and learn some manners as well. And today, D *finally* got baby J down for a nap, and guess who called???

I googled up the official Do Not Call List website with my VERY FAVOURITE DEMOCRAT, Jay Nixon. (And yes, I actually voted for him and think he's awesome in this job.) It took me maybe five minutes to type up and submit a complaint against this company. It was even easier than the time four years ago, when I called my complaint in. Yay!

Better still, idiot telemarketers who cause trouble can be fined big-time. More money for the state, which means they're going to WANT to go after the telemarketers who intentionally break the law. Good for everyone but the telemarketing companies. Yahoooo!

Take that one, Verizon.


  1. I was a telemarketer in high school. :-) I did phone survey's for a company that sold golf clubs over the phone. Basically I took survey's in order to pass on quality leads to the sales people.

    Please don't hate me.

  2. LOL D was a telemarketer in college! Hopefully you've both reformed ;].


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