29 December 2007

Thankfully, It's Mostly Faded.

The Elf has asthma and is on a *bunch* of different things for it. Every few years our allergist wants to test him for allergies, to see if we need to treat him more aggressively. MOST of the markings on the Elf are faded, but I assure you it was *not* a fun afternoon getting him poked and marked-up. Good news: unlike last time, they see NO allergies!! We're not using the allergy meds and we'll see how he does.

Have you ever seen such a hairy back? I teased him and told him in the old days, the Indians would have shot him with their arrows thinking he was a bear. No, he says, they would call him "Big Turtle," just like they did to Daniel Boone. The nickname doesn't really seem to fit, though.

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  1. I can imagine it wasnt much fun! Glad no allergies were found.


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