19 December 2007

We, the Court, Hereby Name Your Son Gregorio.


This is a true story. The parents wanted to pick out an unusual name for their child and chose Friday. Ok, not a name I'd choose, but they ARE his parents... aren't they?

Well, turns out officials are required by law to report "unusual" names to the court and they took it from there. Being a mostly Catholic country, Fridays are thought of as sad occasions (think "death of Jesus"). And the court felt that naming the child after the character in Robinson Crusoe would be pretty cruel and demeaning.

So THEY chose the really "normal"-sounding name of Gregorio. Yeah, the kid wouldn't be made fun of around here for a name like that. Oreo, oreo, oreo... No. No child would think that one up.

Sorry. I think "Friday" sounds more normal than "Oreo-boy," don't you?? We already have lots of children named Tuesdae, Summer, Autumn, June, Julius, etc. etc.

What are things coming to if parents can't even NAME their children without state approval? Blech. From now on, all boys will be named "Jacob" and all little girls will be named "Emily." We don't want controversy, you know.

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