14 December 2007

Wii Shortage at Christmas


You would think Nintendo would get their act together after a year and have enough Wiis available for purchase by the average consumer. I am NOT going to chase delivery trucks around or camp out for several hours in the hopes of maybe getting one of these devices.

Patrick wants one very badly. He has saved his money for over a year now for this system. Ordinarily, I would tell the kid to forget it and move on, but he is quite determined. He is GOING to have a Wii system no matter how long it takes him or how badly the company is treating those consumers waiting to buy.

I've bought the older boys each a sweatshirt and gotten them a CD to share. I told Patrick I was budgeting about $30 per child for Christmas and I've really run out of ideas for him. I took him through Wal-Mart and let him look around. He stopped at the Wii display and asked for $30 toward an "accessory pack" for the system.


Sorry. Mom is not buying that unless you have a Wii. That would be rather like buying a fancy emergency roadside kit and spare tire for him before he has money for a car.

OK, he just wants the $30. Cash, please.

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