15 January 2008

Flat Stanley Day!

I had every intention of using the rest of the Christmas cookie dough mix for Valentine cookies. I'm looking ahead to doing all those things I know I won't get to for a while, and Valentine stuff is probably going to not happen this year. I have no clue what other homeschooling families do for Valentine's Day... I think we just ate candy and got fat last year.
The boys noticed while we were rolling out the dough that it was very flat just like Flat Stanley. Oh, they *wished* they could have a Flat Stanley cookie... and read Flat Stanley! OK! It is no longer a "gingerbread man" cutout... this is Flat Stanley and you get to decorate him yourself! We had a lot of fun making these and reading a little in the book.


  1. What fun, and way to go Mom by making them into flat stanleys.
    Glad you jooined us for Tea!
    I wish I had a camera....:(

  2. I think that is one of your best pictures you have ever taken. It looks like flat stanley is walking right of the book and he is amazed to see it happen.



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