05 January 2008

Ideal Funeral Home Location?


A funeral home wants to rent space across from the old people's home. Could be worse. They could have put it next to a hospital instead. Or a McDonald's. Seriously, usually I see them located next to CHURCHES. You make of that what you will.

In real life, it's interesting how fast and low-key these funeral operators really are. We had our neighbour across the street die a few years back, and the fellows came out in a van and picked him up so quickly and quietly you would hardly know what happened. It's not like you see on TV with the ambulances and crying people out on the sidewalk. They're almost like bats... they sneak in quietly, take the body and drive away like it's just a usual thing to have a corpse in the back seat. If you weren't LOOKING FOR them, you wouldn't notice they were there. I think they take Ninja classes or something, and that's why they dress all in black and are so quiet.

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