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Oh, Give Me a Break.

I can't use my credit card at the local Jiffy Lube without showing a valid ID. I can't rent a movie. I can't pay by check ANYWHERE. That means no FOOD for my family, unless I get money out of the bank... OH! But I can't take money out of the bank or get into my safe deposit box without an ID. Don't even think I can take my husband's paycheck and cash it on my own, either.

But somehow, when it comes time to vote, poor black folks and old people can't POSSIBLY come up with ANY sort of valid ID at all... according to Democrats. To back up this assertion, the reporter has interviewed a foolish ninny of a mother who "can't" get a copy of her birth certificate to get a photo ID because it'll cost her $50. But guarantee if you look at her children, they're wearing GAP and Tommy clothes or Nike shoes. You can be almost positive she spends over $50 on her hair each year as well.

The reporter also interviews a very old woman in her 90's who allegedly HAS no birth certificate and has allowed her license to lapse. If voting is important to her, she'll find a way to get a state ID. Surely there is some way to contact her congressman or make a little effort so that she can vote by next November, at least. It sounds like she just wants to waltz into the polling place, say who she is, and get a ballot just because she says she is who she is. (I'm a rock star and I have a billion dollars in the bank. Think they should just hand the money over to me just 'cuz I said so??) Somehow being old and tired entitles her to rights no one else has.

And call me racist or mean, but I also don't think it's too much to ask for voters to be able to read their own ballots in ENGLISH. Though I've voted in Florida years ago and the chad system WAS a little confusing. That's when you use a little intelligence, read things over twice, and THEN punch out the holes in your ballot. Novel idea, I know.

I'm not understanding why the news stories seem to indicate that this requirement would somehow tilt all scales in favour of Democrats. I'd tend to think that those without IDs would have a greater liklihood of being illegals, transients, convicted felons, or someone committing some kind of fraud. (Wait... are they saying those people are more likely to be Democrats? I'm confused.)

We all know IDs can be faked. But can we at least make a small effort at containing voter fraud? The idea that this ID requirement would keep black people away from the polls also smacks a bit of racism and paternalism... as if to say that we as a society need to "take care" of these folks who have no clue how to get an ID card like any other adult. Or read, for that matter. Good grief, I find that insulting.


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