17 January 2008

The SEVEN Strange Things Meme

OK. Daja tagged me to write seven strange things about myself. Though I'm very boring, I'll try to think of something to write about that's maybe a little strange.

1. Every time I change religions or get married, I change my name. Legally. I've done it three times so far and don't plan on doing it again... but... you never really know who I am, do you? Oh... and my last name doesn't really begin with a C. I just do that to throw all you guys off so I don't get stalked and have my kids stolen or anything.

2. I have several internet alter egos as well, but they don't all frequent the same blogs. That would get too confusing. One thing that really BOTHERS me are people who are plain nasty in their anonymous comments; I think that's cowardly. At least think of a pseudonym and be consistent about it on that blog!! There have been a lot of news stories about peoples' lives being ruined by others posting nasty things on the internet. Be assured that's not what I'm doing. I'm just hitting the porno sites (NO, NOT REALLY!).

3. I also have to change my look every few years. Right now, I'm going through the "fat, dumpy housewife" stage of life. I've gained 100 pounds and let my hair grow naturally. I think sweatpants are a fashion statement. I was going to do the anorexic look but that was just too much upkeep - it really was. Caramel popcorn is a plus in my personal lifestyle.

4. I found out that l-cysteine in many products like pizza and bagels is made from human hair or boiled duck feathers. I'm trying to never eat the stuff again. I have taken to reading the labels on everything. You wouldn't believe what HAS that gunk in it ... and what doesn't that you'd figure for sure would!

5. Aside from a bit of road salt we track in and a couple blankets to cover car seats, our van is CLEAN. No one is allowed to eat in the van except on very rare road trips... and I've had it for five years. It still looks good.

6. I learned yesterday that at this stage of pregnancy it is literally impossible to jump. I'm perfectly capable of going, "OwOwOww..." and holding my back every time I change position, however.

7. I don't do highways very well. I just KNOW that I will die if I get on the highways. I am scared of merging. I think the national speed limit should be 35 - we can cut down on a lot of highway deaths that way!! Yes, I'm that lady in the van you "waved" at as you were going by. I'm not driving like that to get you mad. I'm just scared that you're going to kill me and my children with your vehicle.

I really liked reading your post, Daja! The eyelash part just makes me itch, though.

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