09 February 2008

The Big Boy Bed

Ever since he was a tiny thing, J has been very adamant about being able to TOUCH someone and move about the room freely as he sleeps. Eventually D just brought him into the gated part of our family room so that he would be relatively safe during his night wanderings. D and J would sleep on the floor on blankets. It didn't do much for our marriage, but being 98 months pregnant for most of that time, I suppose it didn't matter much. But now, D has wrenched his back and hip somehow from all that sleeping on the lightly-carpeted concrete floor. It's time he at least moved up to the couch! Hence the big-boy bed. We're hoping to get J used to it and someday even move it upstairs with Elf and Emperor! That would be one great moving project... rearranging clothes and toys so that all the beds will fit in the room with actual room for walking from each bed to the door. But that's later.... right now we are concentrating on teaching J not to stand on the bed and how to sleep in a bed without falling off.

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