17 February 2008

Crappy Value

The "Great Value" fish filets really aren't a great value. Look at that frozen little lump and tell me it looks ANYTHING like the package. You can't, can you?


  1. Bummer! I love fish sticks, though....I'd buy more. Yup, try another package, every here and again these things happen! The kids and I adore the little ones for dinner with macaroni and cheese on the side. Of course we smother the fish sticks with our concoction of Miracle Whip (light) and pickle relish! Awww...now I'm hungry! xo

  2. When I was a kids we ate fish sticks and mac n cheez too! Love it! But that is gross.
    BTW I checked your site meter and you are doing great at 74 hits. Yeah for you ;)

  3. Casdok is thinkin' we Americans can't quite get the "fish n chips" right, eh? LOL!

    Stacey: I bought two packages and the second isn't quite as bad as the first... but still kinda yucky-lookin'.

    Zimms... I'm looking at the sitemeter too and going, if all these people are looking, where are all the comments?? I almost twitch if I don't leave a comment on a site I visit. It's reaalllyy hard not to say hi.

    I'm very *humbled* that people are looking at my blog, actually. I really do think that God puts us together for a reason. Even if that reason is for others to look at my lintballs and bad parenting rants and be encouraged that they're not alone :].


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