01 February 2008

Get Your PAP Smear Test Done.


I'm not an advocate of mandatory vaccination with Gardasil because it simply hasn't been on the market long enough. But cervical cancer, despite the "sexually transmitted" nature of the problem, is something to be checked for every year. This story is about a young woman who will never have children, presumably because she waited too long to detect the cancer in the early stages. (I think we'll never *really* know, though. I think we all second-guess ourselves when the worst happens.)

And this type of cancer kills. Aunt B (Rainbow Christian Homeschool blog) and I knew a woman we posted with on a forum for a long time who lost her battle with the cancer last year. She left behind four beautiful children and a husband to mourn her loss.

I've gone as long as six years without these extremely unpleasant tests before though, personally. I only went back when our friend was starting to go through her cancer ordeal... I hate how the doctors will try small talk about the weather or something while they're popping the torturous shoehorns in. It's horrible! Just get the stupid test done! But they want you to "relax" so they can get in there easier and do the test. Yikes! Don't tell me to relax! I complain more during this test than I do through the actual pushing-out of a BABY. Though the complaining I do do during the delivery *is* a bit louder, I grant you.

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