05 February 2008

I Know You Were Wondering...

How we keep at least *most* of our shoes and coats off the floor when we have a 3 1/2 foot by 5 foot entryway, our front closet is *tiny,* and we now have EIGHT people in our family! Granted, our two smallest children don't use much space on the pegs or in the bins provided yet, but we thought these were great ideas. Previously, everyone would kick his or her shoes into the corner and have to "dig" for them when it's time to go out. Naturally, everyone's shoes would be the victim of a good mudding from time to time under this system. I bought the bins at Pier One... one of the very few "new" purchases I've made in the last few years. D has constructed, stained and hung the pegged coat-holders, which also hold backpacks, purses, and other bags. That large basket by the door holds some basketballs and soccer balls.


  1. I love to see pictures of peoples homes......You will have to post more, I do love the flowers on the steps, very cute. I really like the cubby idea, when I get a camera I will have to post my cubby area.
    Praying you all are well.
    Ps how are you and the little lady doing?

  2. ((Lori)) Thank you; we are well. Hope you get that camera soon because I really miss your pics.


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