09 February 2008

More Strange Stuff in My House

I like painting but lack talent. That's ok; it's my house!! Since we have a 40-odd year old house, I don't need to worry about being historically accurate with my paint choices ... but it's also not a new house that I would worry about "ruining" with my messy painting!! The photo on the left is in my bathroom and the light switch cover is behind a shelf of toys in Emperor and Elf's room.


  1. I like color in a house--my house is filled with different colors, all ones WE like, not the same ole beige over beige! Well done here.

  2. My husband is a graphic artist and would love to start painting children's rooms for a living. Oddly enough we have NO paintings from him on our walls.
    BTW he loves your comments on our blog and checked your blog out and said it was hilarious. Meaning that your take on news stories was right up his alley. Just enough sarcasm to appeal. I guess that is why he likes me too LOL. He loves just a little bit of sarcasm, mingled with the truth.


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