23 February 2008

Pray For These Families, Please.


For once, not a rant against the public schools and their more obvious stupidities.

It's a rant against the stupid-butt politicians who are allowing (through inaction) tons of illegal immigrants to stay in our country. And against the employers who hire them. But mostly, against the stew-pit idiots who think that anyone who is upset about illegal immigration must be a racist... so we need to enable illegal immigrants by giving them licenses and other incentives to remain in our country.

This accident which took the lives of FOUR children would never have happened were it not for an illegal immigrant driver. She's realllly broken up about it and all, but she won't give her real name to arresting authorities.

Times like this, I'm thinking that waterboarding is a great idea.

A recent WorldNetDaily story also details the arrest of two Iraqi citizens trying to sneak in from Mexico. Guess what? We're just hearing about the ones who were CAUGHT. Probably there are five million other Islamics sneaking in on an annual basis... or maybe three million... or a hundred... or just an even million ... (there is no way of knowing!!)


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