23 February 2008

The Thin Child

The first picture is a nostrils-flaring, "NOOOO taking my picture!" sort of picture. The second is a vain attempt at evading the camera. Isn't G cuuute?? I measured him for jeans today and *tried* to order some. It is difficult when you have a waist size of 27 (or maybe 28 after a full meal) and an inseam of 32. No one wants to carry his size. But my waist size of 750 and inseam of 32? No problem... try our "Jumbo Bunnz" brand in the "Womens' Section" of our catalogue. You will be pleased with your purchase, because we allow for your accidentally-on-purpose mismeasuring a little and our pants stretch. In any event, you can see why I rarely post pictures of the older children when they avoid the camera as much as possible.


  1. Hes very handsome!!
    C is also very thin with very long legs, so i have problems buying for him, especially as cant do buttons zips etc.

  2. My brother was 27" waist and 36" inseam, when he was 12. My mom finally found a place and bought every pair they had in stock. Then all the sudden he quit growing at 6'2" and doesn't weigh mcuh more now than he did back then.
    Here in Oklahoma we have a store that can literally order any size. They carry the craziest sizes ever. It is Langston's. It is a cowboy store. It might not hurt to google them or call them and see if they can get you some.
    I have also enjoyed your flat stanley adventures. We read it at the end of last year as a family and want to do the flat kid thing this summer.

  3. LOL 27 x 36 is even MORE crazy than G's measurements!!

    I've just ordered two pairs of pants from Sheplers' Western wear. Also a cowboy store... maybe cowboys are specially thin from all that exercise???

    I'm out about $50 but we'll see how it works. Otherwise Langston's probably up next! Thanks!

    Casdok, G insists on the buttons and zippers so it looks "normal." Otherwise I'd be putting him in sweatpants everyday and saving a ton of cash!


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