18 February 2008

We Can't Win

The couple next door are constantly sending over food or candy. D and Patrick were *trying* to help them out by getting their driveway shoveled, and look what they came home carrying!


  1. She already had the cookies made by the time Patrick and I were shoveling.

    Remember we had given them some sugar just a couple days before!

    Actually she said she was going to clean the driveway and said her husband was upset with that. I just looked at her and said ... I would be upset at here too! But she did not want to disturb anyone.

    You can't win with great people like that!

    -- D

  2. Yeah, poor Mr. S has been having a hard time after some surgery, so Patrick and D were helping.

    But ... I want to be "ahead" on the exchange game for once doncha know!! You couldn't even have the driveway done and be "ahead" for an hour!!

  3. I think, Mrs. C., when it comes to snickerdoodle cookies you can't LOSE!

    Don't want them? Send them to me! LOL!

  4. LOL Daja I don't THINK so...

    The point was supposed to be that we wanted to one-up the neighbours for a little bit and it never works doggone it.

    You can't beat a retired couple when dh works and ya have six kids. You just can't. We keep trying though.

  5. I think it so neat that you have neighbors like that. We only have 2 neighbors that care about who lives next door to them.
    We are finally making progress with the ones across the street. But I think that we scare him with the homeschooling, and lots of kids, and loving Jesus.


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