26 February 2008

We Go Golfing!

The Flat Stanleys went for a ride on Grandpa's golf cart. It's a fancy thing that looks like a little car. And it sure goes fast!


  1. Oh what fun for the Flat Stanleys!!!
    So I was wondering how mom was feeling, are you recouping well? And the little sweetie is doing well also?

  2. Wow flat stanley is having more fun than most people!

    I want to sign the kids up for golf lessons in April. Do your kids play?

  3. Can i go and stay with your Grandparents???!

  4. You have to be 55 or over to stay there ya young thing! :]

    Mrs. Darling, I wish we had the money for putt-putt lessons, let alone real golf! Those memberships and buying your own golf cart like my dad has is a... shall we say... financial commitment.

    Lori, I'm well except for the lack of sleep thing. Which of course affects everything else and I'm a grump. But I'm physically healthy.

    PS Happy Birthday to Yoooou Lori!!

  5. Tittivating.... you must have a grubby mind mate! I meant finish tidying up the back yard.. fluffing around... mucking around, doing this and that... ! You have a good day now.

  6. Sorry, Chris, but that word sounded... a bit off LOL! You just wouldn't hear people use it here. You just wouldn't. LOL!


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