13 February 2008

What Can I Say? It's a Fertile House Here.

Gaggg! Ackk! The dust bunnies took advantage of my recently pregnant state to reproduce near my air vent behind the piano. They liked it there, apparently, as I was able to pull out several generations with my feather duster. I had trouble getting those little nooks and crannies before... now I just don't have much time! One thing at a time, is what I'm telling myself. I don't like letting things get *this* bad, although I will admit to telling people that my floor isn't quite clean enough to eat off of. Not *quite.* One of the advantages of blogging is that most of you don't know who I really am, so you can't tell anyone how I *really* live and my reputation as a wonderful housewife and mother is secure!! I'll appear on Martha Stewart next week to give cleaning advice to busy families. It's a good thing, so be sure to watch.

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  1. It's funny--I came across your blog and I saw the dust bunny post...Those things DO love a pregnant woman's home! :)


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