16 February 2008

Why Homeschool: 14 ways to increase traffic to your blog

Why Homeschool: 14 ways to increase traffic to your blog

I have a friend who shall remain anonymous who wants more traffic on his blog. This post is for him, and every one of you dear two regular readers who want to increase your blog traffic.

I've taken the step of installing SiteMeter on my website. Then I set it up so that it would ignore all of my visits to my own website. Now I have NO visitors to my website LOL!!

Honestly, though, I'm just glad if I have a few people who read my rantings at least weekly. I like to go and read theirs, and I think we're all pretty happy. If I had a website with 5 million hits a day, I would be in danger of some people who ACTUALLY KNOW ME in real life learning all about my actual real life.

My cover would be blown entirely. Here, you see my dust bunnies in 3-d and if you don't like it, you can leave a nasty comment. Which I will not publish.

I love blogs.


  1. I hope the award i gave you has brought you some more readers! As i enjoy coming over here for a read!

  2. I used to be pretty liberal. Over the past few years since 9/11 and since it finally got into my thick skull that progressive education is a load of crap, I've become more conservative. Most of my friends and family are still liberal. They don't know about my blog because I don't feel like fighting, although I do offer my opinion sometimes when we get into political discussions . . . sometimes.

  3. Thanks, Casdok! I always enjoy having you over, too. :]

    Harry, I was really liberal until I became a Christian and then I slowly started questioning a few things. I still think of myself as liberal sometimes... just more that... there is a lot of craziness around.

    My whole family are liberals and mostly east-coast Catholics. My head explodes at family gatherings trying to make sense of why on earth they'd think some of the things they do... but they're very nice people and we don't dislike each other b/c of our different viewpoints. (Disliking someone doesn't get them to change their mind anyway...)

    I have either become very liberal or very conservative b/c I think we should go back to the Constitution and spend only on really necessary items and pay off the national debt.

  4. Oh, but my family has my blog address and I haven't seen any fights erupt yet. I think they look at the pictures of the kids and then don't comment on my rantings LOL!


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