15 February 2008

Writing a Letter to Nana and Grandpa.

In the Flat Stanley book, Stanley goes on a trip to visit a friend in California. Children around the world now make their own Flat Stanleys and send them on pen-pal adventures. The person receiving Flat Stanley is supposed to take him on adventures and send pictures to the person who sent them the Flat Stanley. Ours are going to Florida where Nana and Grandpa live.


  1. Stanley is more than welcome to fly over to the Uk!

  2. Oooh, that's his *next* trip, thanks!!

  3. How cute! Flat Stanly may have to come visit us here too!
    We could show him a fun time.....hehe

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog mate... I'm over my hissy fit, DIET COKE ROCKS is back! As for how to make girls/boys... I HAVE NO IDEA! You just have to take what comes eh? At least you now have a wee girl! And isn't she adorable! Love babies I do... hmmmm must be why I've had so many


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