19 March 2008

Doing a Big Food Shop

Ah, the sights and smells of Britain! Miss Casdok has some strange ways of turning a phrase, but we met some little friends that all speak the same way. We like it here and are enjoying our trip immensely. The apples are delicious and the flowers smell heavenly. We do a lot of walking here because Miss Casdok does not have a van full of children like we do at home.


  1. We certainly have been very busy today! The Flat Stanleys were very helpfull!

  2. Ahhh, yes, Flat Stanley. He came to live with us a for a little while. It was a nice visit.

  3. Oh those lucky Flat Stanley's!!! You can send them to New Zealand next!

  4. This is turning out to be one heck of a field trip. We don't get to take the kids to England at our school. The busses have to be back by 1:30.

  5. How lovely to meet the Stanleys!... and to find your blog!

    Of course they'd be most welcome here in Australia too if ever they're interested in having a tour of the Australian countryside!

    We can't wait to follow their adventures in Great Britain!!


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